Who are we ?

“Propriétés de Prestige” is an agency dedicated to luxury and traditional real estate.


Luxury real estate

We only offer high-quality real estate, combining character and authenticity, for demanding buyers who already have a clear idea of what they are looking for.

Thanks to our specialization, we are able to offer a wide range of real estate, such as luxury apartments, mansions, manors, castles, villas, architect-designed houses, etc.

Highly qualified consultants

Our experience in luxury real estate has enabled us to create a significant buyers’ address book, but also intermediaries and partners in France and abroad.

Acting independently, our real estate consultants offer advice, monitoring and relational quality on the properties they sell. You can rely on their expertise and their knowledge of this very specific real estate market to complete your project.



Exceptional service

Propriétés de Prestige only communicates on high quality media supports, on the internet or in magazines, with a constant concern to deliver the best representation of the properties we take care of. For exceptional properties, we produce professional-quality videos for a better perception of the places that are presented, particularly appreciated by our international customers.